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In-Warehouse Contract Re-packaging for Strategic Advantages
By Rick Ennis, Chairman
"For many large consumer goods companies, outsourcing non-core business functions is a standard operating procedure"(read article)

Managing the Repackaging Process From A to Z
Exclusive Interview with Rick Ennis, Chairman. "Over the years, we have seen additional opportunities to improve our clients’ speed to market, in-store presence and reduce packaging components and labour costs by managing more of the development to fulfillment process. That has led us to creating a unique value-added service; we refer to as Integrated Vendor Management (IVM). IVM allows major CPG companies to improve their competitive position in the marketplace and it simplifies their involvement in the development and fulfillment of their promotions by offering them Flexibility and Choice." (read article)


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Portable Packaging is an industry leader, committed to delivering maximum merchandising effectiveness and supply chain value for our clients. If you’ve got passion, talent and drive, we’d like to hear from you at careers.

Welcome to Portable Packaging - Flexibility and Choice for your Promotional Display Requirements

If you’re looking to optimize the return on your retail merchandising investments – you’re at the right place!

Portable Packaging is a Canadian based repacker and repackager of promotional displays who has been in business for over 20 years and whose business focus is on quality production through our ISO certification and on finding ways to reduce promotional repacking and repackaging costs for Canadian consumer packaged goods companies by offering Flexibility and Choice.

We provide CPG companies with customized repacking or repackaging services, on a contractual basis, in-your-warehouse or in-our-warehouse, which integrates your marketing and supply chain activities and reduces your costs.


Originally, our core competence was that of a repacker. We have done this for over twenty years for some of Canada’s largest consumer packaged goods companies, including; Unilever, Kraft, Mars and Campbell’s.


In pursuing our goal of reducing client promotional costs, we have evolved into offering structural and design services, which combine our expertise in repacking with a unique ability to scrutinize, analyze and make improvement recommendations to re-engineer and create award winning displays that:

1) Reduce display and development production time and costs

2) Improve display functionality, in-store sales and often additional in-store facings and SKUs

3) Speed the display process from concept to the retailer floor

4) Enable companies to reinvest those savings into helping build their brand

These repackaging services are defined through Portable Packaging's Integrated Vendor Management (IVM) program. This program enables us to manage each stage of the promotional packaging, point of purchase and display ready fulfillment process. It also enables us to work in-your-warehouse or our-own facility in cooperation with your existing suppliers and your company supply chain members.

As we don’t have printing presses to fill or cardboard production quotas to meet, we are able to create and design high-impact, retail ready packaging, semi-permanent and temporary displays with client cost savings in mind.

Over the years our success has been demonstrated through measurable performance and continuous improvement analytics. We have helped clients gain strategic competitive advantage and increased their return on their merchandising investment - through our Integrated Vendor Management program.

Our website explains this uniqueness in detail or contact us for a personal presentation.